Stories from Home: Living the Just Transition Podcast: The Climate Justice Alliance is thrilled to launch Stories from Home: Living the Just Transition, a behind-the-scenes podcast where host Keenan Rhodes deep dives into how creators and communities collaborate for climate justice storytelling in the Story Snapshots project. (NOV 22) (no guests :( )

Rhetoric O Rama: Rhetoric-O-Rama is a fun and educational introduction to rhetoric by two college professors, Dr. David R. Dewberry and Dr. Tim "As Seen on TV" McGee (Tim was on Wheel of Fortune in the early 80s). Each episode features a discussion on some aspect of rhetoric, some untranslated Latin or Greek, and then some tasty extra bonus content: a fallacy, a historical tidbit, or a stylistic device to help improve your own rhetoric. (MARCH 22) (no guests:( )

The Big Rhetorical Podcast: The Big Rhetorical Podcast (TBR) was conceptualized in the spring of 2018 at Illinois State University. This podcast is a digital platform for scholars of rhetoric and composition, as well as other disciplines, to talk about relevant scholarship within the field while engaging in a lively, academic dialogue. The Big Rhetorical Podcast is hosted by Charles Woods. (FEB 23) (has guests for every podcast but no general info on website, waiting on email response)

Thinking With… A Rhetorical Theory Podcast: “Thinking With..." is a pedagogical experiment that serves as an invitation to think along with the text, with us, and with each other. (FEB 15) (do occasionally have guests, trying to find contact info, can send in voice recordings on anchor by spotify? could end up in an episode?)