How to Get an Internship

Internships are the beginning steps of your career path. They can lead you to an unexpectedly rich network of resources, contacts, and opportunities. Internships in Writing and Editing are open to all English majors; however, if you are concentrating in Writing, Rhetorics, and Technical Communication, then an internship of at least 3 credit hours is required. 

While looking for an internship, you should discuss your plans, ideas, and potential intern locations with Dr. Hopton, the current Internship Director. 

You should approach finding an internship in the same way as you will approach seeking permanent employment: by networking, by using Handshake, Indeed, or LinkedIn, by using professional job or internship information lists, and by directly contacting personnel managers or supervisors at sites where you would like to intern. At App State, we also hold many campus-wide career events where you may speak with companies and locations looking for those interested in jobs and internships. After talking with Dr. Hopton, you must initiate contact and determine whether or not the possibility of doing an internship exists.  

While some businesses may already be familiar with internship procedures and have some sort of cooperative program in place, others may not. However, they may still be willing to take an intern once the relationship and procedures have been explained to them. Keep in mind that student interns may serve as educated, motivated, skilled, and unpaid workers who increase productivity in the workplace, especially during the summer months when they can temporarily replace full-time staff on vacation. When inquiring about the possibilities of doing a summer internship, you should point out those advantages to the prospective supervisor.   

On-Campus and Local Area Opportunities 

Internships are often available on the Appalachian State University campus, in the town of Boone, and elsewhere in Watauga County, offering you the opportunity to be an intern while also attending classes on campus at Appalachian. 

Outside Watauga County 

The number of internship opportunities may be limited within Boone due to the size of the local business community. As such, internships outside of Boone are often found by students according to their own individual interests or financial concerns.   

Paid and Unpaid Internships 

While some internships do pay, most do not, including those during the summer months.  However, if you are interested in exploring the issue of pay, you and you alone are responsible for negotiating that aspect of your internship with the office, business, or agency where you will be an intern. National statistics indicate that about 5% of all internships pay the intern a salary or cover other expenses.

Here is a list of internship examples that previous students have done. From this list, you may gain an idea of the many types of internship placements that may be available to you. And, even though the listed units, businesses, and agencies have taken interns in writing and editing in the past, please don’t assume that they will have a spot available when you wish to do your internship. Keeping an open mind and a keen curiosity about your potential career are keys to success when it comes time for you to seek and establish your internship placement. 

NOTE: You MUST meet with Dr. Hopton before initially contacting any potential internship placement. 

On the Appalachian State University campus:  
Career Development Center
Cold Mountain Review
Graduate School
Office of Research and Supported Programs
Hubbard Center for Faculty Development
News Bureau
Office of Cultural Affairs
Department of English, Digital Journalism with Chair Dr. Leo Flores

 In the local area:
High Country Press
Appalachian Voices
Habitat for Humanity
McFarland Publishers
Mountain Times
Town of Boone
Watauga County Hunger Coalition
The Watauga Democrat

 In other locations:
Rhino Records
Smithsonian Museum
Spin Magazine
UNC Internship Semester in Washington, DC

To learn more about general information and requirements for internships in writing and editing, please click here!