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Emma Deal:

For my internship, I interned remotely at WALTER magazine in the Spring of 2023. I enjoyed it because they were very flexible with their hours, had great communication, and taught me a lot about the publishing industry. 

Finding and getting an internship was stressful for me because I had to do most of the searching on my own and I had to work around my schedule as a senior, but once I applied to WALTER, the rest of the internship process was very quick and easy. 

Here is a sample of the kind of work I did a lot. My time was mostly divided between fact checking and editing articles for the print issue and writing short articles for the website from Q&As to festival roundups for the website. Depending on the article I wrote, I would often send emails to companies for information or permission to use photographs. For Q&As, I would conduct an interview over the phone.

If you decide to pursue an internship with WALTER,  you will have plenty to work on since they have a smaller staff, and they are able to get to know you personally and work with you to improve your writing skills. While I was there we mostly communicated through Slack or email and once a week we would have a google meet call to discuss upcoming articles with the editors and interns.

Shelby Pearsall