Ready to Get Started?

Before investing too much time looking at an internship, make sure you contact the Internship Director, Dr. Sarah Beth Hopton. Because your internship will count as school credit, you will need to have approval from Dr. Hopton before you can move onto the next stages of beginning your internship. 

Once you have spoken with the Director and received approval for your internship choice or idea, you may move onto the next steps. Before registering for ENG 4900 (Internship in Writing and Editing), you must fill out and submit your Goals & Objectives, Internship Data Sheet, and Internship Contract. Each of these documents must be turned in no later than one week prior to the start of the semester during which you are interning. You cannot be added to ENG 4900 until each of these have been completed and submitted to Dr. Hopton. 

Here are copies of each of these documents:

  • Sample Goals & Objectives
  • Internship Data Sheet
  • Internship Contract

For the duration of the internship, you will be expected to maintain a daily log of the hours you have worked and a small summary of what you did each day. The format of these logs are up to your discretion as the intern. However, you may look at the previous intern logs located at the bottom of this page in order to get a better understanding. This daily log is not only designed to show the Internship Director what you have done, it is also a required element for your benefit. The experience and skills learned during your internship may be things your potential employers seek from their future employees. No matter how small or large the task, everything you do during your time as an intern will help propel you forward after your time at Appalachian State.